20 Honeybells

Product Code: 20H
IN SEASON: 01-01-2024 to 04-28-2024
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These famous limited-edition Honeybells are always in extremely high demand.. Fragrant and bursting with juice, this hard-to-find fruit is a unique cross between the richly flavored Dancy Tangerine and honey-sweet Duncan Grapefruit, resulting in a special hybrid that is easy to peel and perfect in size and flavor. The Honeybell is usually seedless, but if a honeybee lands on a blossom right after visiting a seeded variety, then you may see a few seeds. They require tender care as they have thin-skins, so they must be gently hand-clipped at their peak and then carefully packed. This amazing variety is by-far the most popular orange of the season, so availability is very limited. Order early!