7 Cara Cara Red Navels + 7 Blood Oranges + 7 Yellow Navels

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IN SEASON: 02-01-2024 to 03-31-2024
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7 Spring Navels + 7 Cara Cara Navels + 7 Blood Oranges

Try this colorful combo of oranges that are all large, easy-to-peel, seedless, juicy and delicious! The Classic Yellow Navel is paired with Red Navel Oranges (also known as Cara Cara Navels) AND Blood Oranges, too! Red Navels have a bright orange peel and a distinct pinkish-red, raspberry-colored flesh. They are sweet, slightly tangy, less acidic, and have berry-like undertones reminiscent of berries. Blood oranges have a brilliant dark pink, maroon, or dark "blood" red color, and tend to have a very distinct, tart, floral, raspberry flavor--that is less tangy than standard oranges. So many reasons why this combo is so popular!